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As experts in the art of expression the designers at Razzle Dazzle™ can customize each of our hand designed arrangements to best match your personal expression of emotion, your relationship with the recipient and your expectation of beauty and artistry.

As a starting point the selection guide generally indicates the most commonly requested versions of the arrangements: ~ Standard, Deluxe and Premium ~ However, if your needs are outside of these ranges please let us know and we can create your gift anywhere from sweet & petite to ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!




Flowers will be arranged approximately as pictured.  The designer will select the freshest, seasonally available flowers and will create your gift while striving to maintain the color scheme, style, look and feel of the arrangement pictured.

Selection of a DELUXE arrangement will provide you as a floral gift-giver the thrill and excitement of taking your floral gift to the next level by providing an even larger and more impactful arrangement with the addition of a greater amount of flowers and the inclusion of accent flowers in the color scheme, style, look and feel of the original arrangement.

When You Want Razzle Dazzle™ WOW!